Welcome to Project FSMR's Blog! Here we are dedicated to remaking the popular Super NES game Super Metroid in Metroid Zero Mission style. Check weekly for updates, progress and downloads.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Hello readers, welcome to the FSMR blog.  FSMR or First Super Metroid Remake is a project dedicated to remaking the popular Super Nintendo game Super Metroid.  We will be incorperating Metroid: Zero Mission graphics, new bosses, enemies, areas, and powerups, as well as advanced physics and gameplay into this remake while preserving many well known aspects of Super Metroid.

Our current engine is in production but is nearing completion.  We currently have a working HUD (heads up display) with a mini-map and weapons display.  We also have added some powerups to the mix including all beams with combos, the speed booster, morph ball, bombs, spider ball, power grip, missiles, super missiles, and power bombs.  Underwater pyisics as well as slopes and jumping have been coded.

We also have completed the first 14 rooms of FSMR and have some screen shots to show for it.

Thanks for reading!  Expect more updates soon.

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