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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Ridley's First Appearence

After 2 weeks of camp, and a lot of other pointless stuff, I'm finally back on track!  I wish I could have posted earlier, but there was nothing to say because I barely got anything done.  Now that my scedual is clean, I hope to get more done and finish Ceres.

As you know, Ceres' rooms are all complete, along with the escape timer.  That only leaves one thing left, Ridley.  This guy will not be too hard to program, but may be a challenge to make look good.  With that said, I will announce that I may be changing Ridley's attack cycle.  He may be more mobile, and use different breath and body attacks.  Some of these would include a spread of flames and dropping from the celing to "smash" Samus.  None of this is clear yet, so please give your opinions in the comments area below.  Here is a glimpse of what ridly will look like in ceres:
Thanks for reading, I hope to release a demo of Ceres in the near future!