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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ceres Space Colony

Sorry for the period of dormancy, readers, but you can now expect me to be more active on the forums I participate in and to make more daily progress on FSMR.  Well, with that out of the way, on to the topic of today's post:

I was up last night and this morning working on editing the Ceres rooms that Kenji gave me over on MFM.  They needed to be resized and changed slightly so that the fit the map template and so that Samus could jump over certain obstacles.  I also put some work into making an appropriate map screen and added the boss icons to the map and mini-map.  After adding gradients and so forth to the areas, while aligning the backgrounds, I got a pretty pleasing "spooky" effect.  Here are a few screenshots demonstrating what I have done:
running down the first hallway on the station

oooh, Ridly really was messy with those researchers' guts

the completed mapscreen for ceres

I hope to get more done soon so keep checking the blog for more info and screenshots!